Culinary Technique - Soup

Culinary Technique - Soup

In many cultures, soup is an important part of the diet and thus there are numerous recipes and variations!

You can enhance the flavour of your soups with a bit of nuts; fresh herbs; a few drops of flavoured oil; grains; raw, braised or sautéed vegetables, etc. 


Soup can be made in four different ways:

  1. Mix raw vegetables with hot water or broth and serve hot or cold
  2. Cook chopped vegetables in water or broth, blend and serve hot or cold
  3. Cook finely minced vegetables in water or broth, do not blend; serve hot or cold
  4. Make a gazpacho by marinating raw vegetables (and fruit) with an acidic ingredient (a light, sweet vinegar, citrus juice, etc.) and blend; serve cold

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