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recipe by Xavier Pellicer
Recipe by We're Smart World
We're Smart Green Guide 2021

We’re Smart® Green Guide 2021

Looking for culinary restaurants and other food concepts (healthy chains, catering …)? Check out the Green Guide!

The TOP 100 - 2021

TOP 100

Discover the new Top 100 of the World 2021

We're Smart Future Awards

We’re Smart® 
Future Awards

Who are the Award winners of 2021

Best Vegetables Restaurants 2021

Best Vegetables Restaurants - Discovery Awards

The We’re Smart selection of Best Vegetables restaurants per country

Untouchable René Mathieu

We're Smart Plantbased untouchables

René Mathieu and Xavier Pellicer are the 2 We're Smart Plantbased untouchables. They both we're ranked 2 times as number 1 in the TOP 100

The Week of fruits & vegetables 2022

The Week of Fruits and Vegetables

from 2 - 8 May

Culinary Technique - Caviar

52 Culinary Techniques

Find out the different cooking techniques! From pan Frying or stir-frying, Marmalades, Jams and Chutneys to soup.

Think Vegetables! 
Think Fruits philosophy!®

1st step: First choose your vegetables and / or fruit to create dishes. In this way, vegetables become the main ingredient of the dish and determine the taste for a larger part.


Best Vegan Restaurant

We’re Smart® Best Vegan Restaurant World

Upcoming events

Upcoming events of We're Smart® World

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The Most Delicious Think Vegetables! Think Fruits! Menu's 

We’re Smart Green Guide guidelines : 

Every year we choose the best vegetable restaurants. Our rigorous selection process is based on the Think Vegetables! Think Fruit!® philosophy and follows an in-house ranking system based on “radishes.” The more radishes a restaurant has, the higher its chances of receiving an award. In our general guidelines you can go deeper into what parameters are deciding the ranking.

Download the Guidelines


Green Guide Guidlines

We’re Smart® Academy: 

There is a great demand for inspiration, knowledge and support about the Think Vegetables! Think Fruit! philosophy, at restaurants and other food companies that want to contribute to a healthier, more ecological and sustainable world. Foodies are also looking for knowledge and information about plant-based cooking.  We’re bringing together the knowledge of We’re Smart® World, its network of partners and 5 Radish Chefs under the umbrella of the We’re Smart® Academy.

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Christine Tobback
When I think of fruits and vegetables, I...
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Nathalie de Vos
"Fruits and vegetables are our daily...
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Bart Bruyninckx
“To taste IS to discover!”
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Koen Snauwaert
"A variety of food with respect for the...
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"Eating well is also about learning from...
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Plates of green, wild herbs, flowers and...
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