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winter recipe
winter recipe
winter recipe

Looking for the best culinary vegetables restaurants? Check out the Green Guide with more than 1200 vegetables restaurants!

The list of The Best 100 Vegetables restaurants in the world 2023.

The We’re Smarts selection 2023 for the discoveries in 10 countries.

This title is only awarded to a chef who has topped the global We’re Smart® TOP100 list for at least 2 consecutive years.

An overview of dishes selected by We’re Smart

We’re Smart® presents the Future Awards, which recognise and reward the creativity and vision of people and organisations in the world of fruit and vegetables.

Radilicious book number 1

In this impressive book, twenty 5 radishes chefs take you on an exciting, culinary adventure in pure plant-based cuisine. 

Culinary Technique - Caviar

58 Culinary Techniques

Find out the different cooking techniques, pan frying, stir-frying, marmalades, jams, chutneys ...

Whether it be a small eater, chain restaurant or largescale kitchen that uses fruit and vegetables in delicious and healthy ways or a catering company that focuses …

Think Vegetables! 
Think Fruits philosophy!®

1st step: First choose your vegetables and / or fruit to create dishes. In this way, vegetables become the main ingredient of the dish and determine the taste for a larger part.


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