We're Smart® Future Awards

Each year, We're Smart® presents the Future Awards, which recognise and reward the creativity and vision of people and organisations in the world of fruit and vegetables. Worldwide, we are looking for those people, products and projects that in an extraordinary way contribute to a healthier world in which we make more ecological and sustainable choices. Those initiatives that can make the difference for a better future for people and planet!

Explanation of the different Future Awards 

We're Smart® Future Awards 2023

We're Smart® Future Awards 2022

We're Smart® Future Awards 2021

We're Smart® Future Awards 2020

We're Smart® Future Awards 2019

We're Smart® Future Awards 2018

We're Smart® Future Awards 2017

We're Smart® Future Awards before 2017

The international We're Smart® Future Awards are announced annually:

  • Product of the year – worldwide:
    We're Smart® is always looking for good & new products that can help us to enjoy more plant-based food with taste.
  • Project of the year – worldwide:
    Every year, new initiatives start up all over the world that can make a difference for the future. We're Smart® wants to give them the attention they deserve!
  • Personality of the year – worldwide:
    There are people who really set an example for others when it comes to the We're Smart® DNA. We would like to thank these We're Smart® Heroes intensively with an Award.
  • Communication of the year – worldwide:
    Sometimes a message, a campaign, a statement or a vision is so inspiring that it makes us happy. Who has provided such an eye-opener this year?
  • Media of the year – worldwide:
    The media is a powerful disseminator of our message. Every year, all over the world, we see stories in print, audio-visual or online that make us happy. With this award, we would like to thank the 'most beautiful' medium for spreading the We're Smart® vision.
  • Innovation of the year – worldwide:
    Innovation makes us move forward, we discover new products, techniques or tastes, we see new solutions emerge that move us forward according to the We're Smart® DNA. We are always looking for that innovation that we look forward to.
  • Special Future Award – worldwide:
    The Special Award is only given when there is a unique reason for it. This Award goes to someone or an initiative that contributes to a healthier, more ecological and more sustainable future.
  • Best Vegan Restaurant - worldwide:
    Fruit and vegetables play the leading role in We're Smart®. We have a separate international award for restaurants that opt for 100% vegan. We want to give these restaurants extra attention because they go a long way in sustainable nutrition with this choice. Every year, we go global in search of the restaurant that combines culinary and vegan cuisine in an exceptional way and thus sets an example for others.