The Week of Vegetables and Fruit

Since 2009, We’re Smart® World has organised the Week of Vegetables and Fruit. This annual week in May is a momentum that all stakeholders communicate or launch new initiatives. The objective is to draw worldwide attention to the creative world of vegetable every year, from the point of view of the grower, producer, processor, (vegetable) chef, retailer or organisation.

We're Smart® focuses on a specific fruit and vegetable for a year. Besides background information on the products (nutrition, season, cultivation, storage, etc.), the culinary possibilities (recipes, preparation and storage possibilities, etc.) for chefs and amateur cooks are highlighted.

Vegetable of the year 2024 
Fruit of the year 2024

The week of vegetables & fruit 2024

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More fruits of the year

Kiwi - Fruit of the year 2023
Raspberry - Fruit of the year 2022
Watermelon - Fruit of the year 2021
Grapefruit - Fruit of the year 2020
Strawberries - Fruit of the year 2019

More vegetables of the year

Carrots - Vegetable of the year 2023
Tomato - Vegetable of the year 2022
Pepper - Vegetable of the year 2021
Cauliflower - Vegetable of the year 2020
Princess beans - Vegetable of the year 2019

"The Quotes"

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Daphne Henning
In shape, taste and colour, fruit and...
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Albert Kooy
In Holland, we have something unique...
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Jan Buytaert
"The Nouvelle Cuisine indeed loved short...
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Claude Pohlig
The nature having worked all summer long...
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Jean-Paul Perez
"Valorise the uniqueness of fruit and...
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Julie Stordiau
You are so spicy, so sweet, so fruity...
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