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We’re Smart® 5 Radishes Chefs Club

Meanwhile, the We're Smart® Green Guide counts 81 restaurants with the coveted 5 radishes. These are the Best Vegetable Restaurants of the world and they are entitled to be recognised for it! They therefore join the exclusive club of 5-Radishes chefs. We're Smart® will create a forum for them to share their vision and ideas with each other. Because they too want to learn more about the wonderful world of fruit and vegetables. These chefs will also be invited to share their insights and knowledge through the We're Smart® Academy and to act as signposts in their regions.

5 radishes club

We’re Smart® Plantbased Untouchable

A "Plantbased Untouchable" chef is an example for all chefs and vegetable lovers in the world. This title is only awarded to a chef who has topped the global We're Smart® TOP100 list for at least 2 years. They become a member of the "We're Smart® Wise" group with an advisory role to We're Smart® World. An Untouchable is no longer included in the TOP100, but gets a unique place out of category!