Koppert Cress


Koppert Cress is always on the lookout for natural, innovative ingredients which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma, or presentation of their dishes; products that meet the increasingly stringent requirements of restaurants worldwide. Cresses are freshly-sprouted seedlings from 100% natural aromatic plants. They offer a freshness and intensity of taste and aroma that is only found in young seedlings.

The success of Koppert Cress is entirely dependent on its recognition and acceptance by the professional user. Flavour is the top priority in this regard, but there's more to it than just taste. Rob Baan realized at an early stage that healthy eating will play an increasingly important role and that we will be involved in this more and more. The company has opted for the vision ‘Good nutrition is crucial for a healthy life’.

Sustainability in the broadest sense is absolutely essential for this family business. Koppert Cress has been set up to operate in an energy-efficient manner, making use of LED lighting, energy management by means of underground heat storage, solar collectors, and geothermal energy. The company also treats its staff in a ‘sustainable’ way. The company takes numerous initiatives to make improvements and make working conditions more pleasant. A fine example of this is the company restaurant Rob & Bob. Here, employees are offered a healthy lunch every day, incorporating at least half of the recommended 250g of vegetables for the day.

Dutch Cuisine
Koppert Cress fully supports the principles of Dutch Cuisine: Culture, Health, Nature, Quality, and Value; ‘80-20’, with 80% vegetables and 20% meat, but also 80% local seasonal produce and 20% from further afield. Dutch Cuisine uses what nature offers, without artificial additives, and from head to tail, in the knowledge that what we have is a gift from the previous generation and on loan from the next.