Think Vegetables! Think Fruits philosophy!

Frank Fol was the head of the Sire Pynnock restaurant in Leuven (Belgium) for 16 years, where he gained fame with his creative vegetable kitchen. After he sold the restaurant, he became full-time Vegetables Chef and worked intensively on flavor development and promotion of fruit and vegetables in Belgium and the Netherlands. To immediately clear up misunderstandings: Frank Fol is not a vegetarian chef. Meat, fish and poultry are sometimes also part of his dishes. He is, however, in favor of eating 100% vegetable at least 2 days per week.

To use more vegetables and fruit in a creative way Frank Fol developed his Think Vegetables! Think Fruit! Philosophy.

You can master that philosophy in 3 steps.

1st step: First choose your vegetables and / or fruit to create dishes. In this way, vegetables become the main ingredient of the dish and determine the taste for a larger part.

2nd step: Choose from the 52 techniques that you will find on the website You will find quite a few new and lesser-known techniques for processing vegetables and fruit.

3rd step: Choose whether or not meat, fish, meat substitutes or other proteins. The aim is to process 2/3 vegetables in the meals throughout the week.

Four tools

  1. Also use healthy vegetable sauces to flavor and finish dishes. Légumaises®, for example, are a healthy and tasty alternative to many sauces based on mayonnaise.
  2. Pay attention to colors. The colors of fruit and vegetables are unique and bring a dish to life. In addition, the brighter the colors of vegetables the more antioxidants they contain.
  3. Follow the seasons. Vegetables from us are only at their best in their season.
  4. Work only with quality products. Choose the freshest vegetables from your own region.