Culinary Technique - Roasting

Culinary Technique - Roasting
Culinary Technique - Roasting

Roasting is done on a grill that is close to a heat source. We can roast directly or indirectly. In the first case, we place the vegetables on a grill right over the heat source, for example charcoal or briquettes. With the second method, the food isn’t placed directly on top of the heat source but outside its direct range, for example on a spit or in front of an open fire. 
Roasting and grilling are very similar. When roasting we also prefer hard vegetables, which we place on the grill raw or already cooked. 
Before roasting them, rub the vegetables with olive oil or whatever oil you prefer. Don’t overdo it, as you don’t want the oil dripping onto the fire and producing big flames. Then season with salt, pepper and/or herbs. 
You can also wrap the vegetables in tin foil with other ingredients such as fish, meat or poultry, and place them on the grill. This is called cooking en papillote. In this case, you can also use softer vegetables.  

  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Leave them whole or slice them. You can pre-cook them (depending on the type of vegetable and your preferences).
  2. Rub them with oil, for example olive oil, making sure it doesn’t drip. 
  3. Roast the vegetables on the side of the grill, wrapped in aluminium foil if you wish. 

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