Het Panbos

Het Panbos is beautifully situated in the middle of a forest area in the dunes. The restaurant has been known for decades as a pancake restaurant. The new owners do not want to break the bank (read: lose loyal customers) but slowly change the very traditional cuisine of the restaurant into a more contemporary one. For this, they are advised by the well-known Dutch chef Robert Kranenborg. They bring innovation with a twist by, for example, putting a kimchi pancake with algae and an Asian sauce of zoja and yuzu on the menu. A preparation of skrei with a mousse of samphire, with slices of Jerusalem artichoke and a mushroom jus most charmed us. Also a soup of chicory with a tartare of beetroot and a stew of hare with a puree of parsnip and kale and mashed potatoes were tasty preparations.

Het Panbos
Wassenaarseweg 154
2223 LD
Katwijk aan Zee
The Netherlands
Dutch cuisine

Member of Dutch Cuisine
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