Dutch Cuisine

Dutch Cuisine will put Dutch cuisine and food culture on the map nationally and internationally for a wide audience. A food culture that is unique in the world and that we are proud of. With taste healthy and responsible cooking from our creativity and idiosyncrasy, our free thinking and pragmatism and always from the principle: less is more. These values ​​reflect who we are and what we stand for. Our identity, our DNA. In addition, we apply five principles that are sustainable for people and the environment and that guide our daily actions. You can find these principles in our manifesto.

Why Dutch Cuisine?

Because we want to make more sustainable, tasty and healthy food easier and more attractive, because our rich Dutch food culture deserves a revaluation, because Dutch Cuisine as a connecting link can accelerate the sustainability of food consumption and last but not least because it is good for our economy and for the planet. That is why we have written a manifesto with a number of top chefs and other professionals from the food sector who want to put Dutch food culture on the cake.

A new look

Dutch Cuisine gives a new perspective on our food culture, creating new economic values. Because our Dutch culture and creativity are serious business. Think of Dutch Design, Dutch Architecture and Dutch Fashion, now a concept in the world. This has not happened just like that, the government and all sectors have joined forces to achieve this goal. Dutch Cuisine is also a movement with a lot of potential and can change the current image of our Dutch food culture. From an everyday kitchen to a creative, sustainable and innovative kitchen with a unique Dutch signature that everyone is proud of: the chef with his dishes, the producer with his products, the city with its catering industry and the BV Nederland with its Holland branding. Under the flag of Dutch Cuisine we can profile and promote nationally and internationally. Dutch Cuisine is the answer to a clear, international need for an overarching lifestyle brand for everyone who contributes to our food culture in the Netherlands. From producers and retailers to institutions and chefs.

The people behind Dutch Cuisine

The chefs of Dutch Cuisine are our passionate ambassadors of the pure Dutch taste. They inspire us to get started with beautiful Dutch seasonal products. Our ambassadors (including chefs, producers, culture makers and innovators), sponsors, partners and friends support us in achieving our goals.

Dutch Cuisine is a foundation with a board that determines the policy and directs the implementation. We work with an Advisory Board that advises and helps the board to realize our goals. The implementation takes place by a management and a secretarial office.

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