Netherlands restaurant ‘De Nieuwe Winkel’ retains title of world’s best vegetable restaurant in We’re Smart Awards 2023.

We're Smart Winners and New TOP 100

Each year the international team of experts at We're Smart lists the World's Best Vegetable Restaurants. For the second year in a row, chef Emile van der Staak's De Nieuwe Winkel tops the Top 10.

The TOP 10

In this year's Top 100, there are 19 newcomers to the list, 20 restaurants maintained their position and 27 rose up the table. Chef Xavier Pellicer's Healthy (Spain) and chef René Mathieu’s La Distillerie (LU) hold the ‘Untouchable’ title, having previously been ranked number one for two years in a row and serving as textbook examples for other restaurants to emulate.

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Remarkable numbers

The Dining Room (UK) - 98 ==> 35 La Table de Castigno (France) - 20
Kadeau (Denmark) - 70 ==> 14 La Mirande (France) - 34
Seven Swans (Germany) - 75 ==> 31 Menssa (Belgium) - 37
Faro (Japan) - 88 ==> 41 Neon (Belgium) - 56
Geranium (Denmark) - 23 ==> 8 Apricity (UK) - 57
  Basiliek (Netherlands) - 59

Discovery Awards 2023 Winners

Each year, three restaurants per country also compete for the Discovery Award. This award recognises the efforts of new talent and is only announced if there are at least three new discoveries, each holding at least four ‘Radishes’, to compete for the title in each country.

The winners are:

  • Belgium: Neon (Lier), chef Nils Proost
  • Denmark: Ark (Copenhagen), chef Brett Lavender
  • Germany: Masters (Blenkenhain), cchef Danny Schwabe
  • France: La Table de Castigno (Assignan),  chefs Stephan Paroche and Justine Viano
  • Italy: Butterfly (Lucca), chef Fabrizio Girasoli
  • Japan: Mutsukari (Tokyo), chef Yoshihisa Akiyama
  • The Netherlands: Basiliek (Harderwijk), chef Yornie Van Dijk
  • Spain: La Salita (Valencia), chef Begoña Rodrigo
  • UK: The Dining Room at Gravetye Manor (West Sussex), chef George Blogg
  • Switzerland: Magdalena (Rickenbach), chef Dominik Hartmann


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We're Smart Green Guide

The Top 100 is part of the ever-growing We're Smart Green Guide. This online gourmet guide reviews 1,200 restaurants in 50 countries worldwide and ranks them from 1 to 5 radishes, based on the use of fruits and vegetables in their dishes. Five-radish restaurants are true pioneers and examples of fruit and vegetable gastronomy.

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