Permanently closed Silo was founded from the desire to renew the food industry and show respect for the environment, respect for the way food is processed and respect for how we feed our bodies. That idea is being followed everywhere in, among other things, the use of recycled materials for furniture and working equipment, the use of reusable packaging for the ingredients and the composting of food waste itself so that it is complete 'zero waste'. The restaurant has its own brewery that makes fermented drinks, its own mill that grinds old cereals, and butter and almond milk are also homemade. The ingredients, both meat and vegetables, are processed from head to tail. And what with the food? This is for omnivores as well as veggie and vegan lovers and consists of a four-course menu in which dishes such as mackerel tartar with purple daikon and miso and ice cream from pumpkin seeds with fig leaf and furikake, a litter of seaweed, sesame and dried bonito flakes. Silo may move from Brighton to London in 2019. In Brighton, the restaurant continues under a different name.
39, Upper Gardner Street
BN1 41N
United Kingdom