Mildreds started in 1988 in Soho and grew into a mini-chain with now four particularly favourite restaurants in London. Dishes such as tandoori "chicken" with black dahl, roti, raita, carrot and salad of carrots and black cumin or a Sri Lankan curry with sweet potatoes, green beans, roasted cashew and basmati rice come from the internationally inspired kitchen. But we find also vegetarian burgers and even vegetarian sausage with mashed potatoes and peas for those who like it classic. Adresses: 9 Jamestown road, London NW1 7B W +44 (0)207.482.4200 200 Pentonville road London, N1 9JP +44 (0)207.278.9422 1 Dalston square, London E8 3GU +44 (0)20.8017.1815
45 Lexington street
United Kingdom