Cookies Cream

Cookies Cream is the pioneer of modern vegetarian cuisine in Germany. In 2007, the restaurant started serving vegetables and herbs from its vegetable garden in meat-free dishes. Ten years later, the restaurant received Michelin's recognition with its first star. Stephan Hentschel makes sophisticated, very refined creations with vegetables and proves that vegetarian cuisine can also be very gastronomic. Among other things he makes vegetarian caviar with egg yolk, potato and sour cream, a combination of white asparagus with rhubarb, potato and chervil and also baked eggplant with edamame - papadam, savory and onion. For us, Cookies Cream is the "Best Vegetable Restaurant in Germany 2019"!

Cookies Cream
Behrenstrasse 55,
Top 100 ranking
Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2019