How to become a vegetable restaurant/chef in 2023?

1. Health : 

Create dishes starting from a basis of vegetables and plant-based ingredients, with or without meat, fish or other proteins. Vegetables become the main component of the recipe which levels up the flavours to a greater extent. Plant-based ingredients feature many benefits, get familiar with them, learn how to use them and communicate about them.

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2. Taste : 

Use healthy vegetable sauces to flavour and finish up dishes. Légumaises® are a healthy and tasty alternative to many mayonnaises or other sauces. This way, you very easily increase the % vegetables in your recipes.

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3. Balance : 

Aim for a minimum of 2/3 vegetables in a meal. Dare to include pure vegetable creations in your tasting menu(s) or in the proposed choices on the menu! Think vegetables! Think Fruit!®.

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4. Colourful : 

The colours of vegetables are unique, playful and vibrant. Vegetables and vegetable sauces are like the paint on a vegetable chef's palette.

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5. Creativity : 

Experiment with new flavours and the 52 We’re Smart® culinary techniques to prepare vegetables and plant-based ingredients.

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6. Quality : 

Work only with quality products. Don’t forget about those forgotten and trendy vegetables. Local vegetables and fruit have so many assets, use them to their fullest.

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7. Seasonal : 

Our local vegetables are at their best during a certain period of the year. A vegetable chef capitalises on these strengths. Every region has his own seasons, so keep this in mind and take advantage of them!

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Follow the We’re Smart® General Guidelines

Enjoy the Best Vegetables Restaurants of the World