Romeow Cat Bistrot

Romeow is not a restaurant, it's a philosophy of life. In the heart of Rome's characteristic Garbatella district, courageous Valentina has created a colorful, cosy and unique place that is home to six beautiful cats who live their lives in peace, admired in their feline elegance by the restaurant's lucky guests. The dishes served are totally vegan and are the most beautiful, delicious, and harmonious dishes imaginable. The menu has oriental, Nordic or South American influences, without ever forgetting to honor the delicious Mediterranean cuisine. What a pleasure to know that what you are eating is not only incredibly good but also healthy! The dishes are prepared from carefully selected organic products that do not involve any form of exploitation, neither human nor animal. The phrase most often whispered to Valentina by guests after being welcomed into her restaurant: “Thank you for what you have created.”
Romeow Cat Bistrot
Via Francesco Negri 15