La Distillerie

Plantbased Chef René Mathieu is inspired by the surrounding nature and increasingly emphasizes the products of small growers from the green Grand Duchy. Vegetables, fruit, wild herbs are prevalent in his kitchen. His dishes are not only beautiful because of their rich colours, but they are also particularly because of their rich taste and textures. They are completely in line with the Think Vegetables ! Think Fruit! philosophy. In addition, his dishes are fully attuned to contemporary tastes, vegan & gluten free. 2020-2021 La Distillerie was for 2 years the nr. 1 in the We’re Smart TOP100 for Best Vegetables Restaurants in the World. Now René Mathieu becomes the second We’re Smart Plantbased Untouchables together with Xavier Pellicer from Barcelona. What a wonderful evolution! Congratulations and welcome in plant-based heaven René.

La Distillerie
rue du Château 8
Vegan choices

Restaurant with vegan choices.
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