For Matt Orlando became a sous-chef of Noma he worked in New York with Thomas Keller (Per Se), Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) and with Heston Blumenthal in The Fat Duck. Not to be surprised that Orlando is an adept of the new Scandinavian cuisines. But he goes much further than many of his colleagues. Between 90 and 100% of its foods and beverages are organic. His garden contains more than 80 different types of plants including leafy vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers that appear daily on his menu. He also tries to use as many by-products as possible, such as used walnut pulp or miso made from leftover lemon peels. The restaurant's sustainability practices are extensively described on the website. His menu is available in a vegetarian version, but also in the 'regular' menu are many vegetable preparations such as a crunchy pancake with almonds, chestnut and roasted oil, or chicory with yoghurt whey, brown butter and mustard seeds, or a dessert of carrots, pudding, honeycomb and caramelised milk.
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