It's that time again! 

The Week of Vegetables & Fruit© is coming up and that means that there is something new to pick up from the vegetable world...


On 4th May - the first day of the Week of Vegetable & Fruit© 2020 - the new We're Smart® Green Guide 2020 will also be launched. Which restaurants will receive the coveted 5 Radishes? Who will lose Radishes? Which are the new vegetable discoveries? How many countries will be added? How many new restaurants will get a place with 1 to 5 Radishes in the We're Smart® Green Guide? Who will become the Best Vegan Restaurant & Best Veggie restaurant in the world? And so on... 

Here are some important figures about the 2020 edition:

  • 43 countries 
  • 964 restaurants
  • 2477 Radishes
  • 79 restaurants with 5 Radishes 
  • 17 restaurants go up, 9 losses


For your information: On 21 September 2020, the annual We're Smart® Awards will be presented and the new We're Smart® Green Guide TOP100 will also be launched!

Many chefs are excited to receive the recognition of eternal fame to be included in "The Most Delicious Think Vegetables! Think Fruit !® Menu" of the year. This initiative, which I took as chairman of the We're Smart® Green Guide, aims to bring together the most beautiful and delicious dishes that I come across on my quest in the world for restaurants featuring "vegetables in the leading role", not only to honour these chefs, but also to show all the other chefs in the world how plants can amaze, move and be a unique experience for guests. 2020 has once again become a composite menu of exceptional dishes that I taste every time I think about it! I would like to share my experience with all of you. 


The Most Delicious Think Vegetables! Think Fruits!® Menu 2019

The Most Delicious Think Vegetables! Think Fruits!® Menu 2020

Frank Fol

Chairman – We’re Smart® Green Guide