We're Smart® World

We're Smart® World wants to bring together people and companies (We're) who are working in a healthy, ecological and sustainable way, both in the food sector and beyond. The aim is to learn from and strengthen each other with the sole purpose of making our society evolve towards smarter (Smart) solutions for our bodies, nature and the world (World). Everything starts with the "Think Vegetables! Think Fruit" philosophy of inspirator Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef®.

We're Smart® World is a unique player in providing guidance and developing solutions for a smarter future, based on a strong global network. We raise awareness among policy makers, food producers, the hospitality industry and consumers and form a powerful community of like-minded people. Our global network makes its knowledge and insights available to anyone who wants to be smarter. Whoever is looking for inspiration, help or support finds an ideal partner in We're Smart®. We recognise and reward products, organisations and individuals who pursue our ambition and help to realise it.  Product development and innovation (in food; fruit and vegetables) is the last -but equally important- course of the We're Smart® menu. 


We're Smart World


History & organisation

We're Smart® was created in 1989 by Frank Fol, The Vegetable Chef®.  He is active worldwide as a consultant on healthy, balanced and plant-based nutrition (as much as possible but not systematically). For his philosophy "Think Vegetables! Think Fruit!®", he travels the world with his approach to the cuisine of tomorrow. Frank is also a member of the Worldchefs Feed the planet committee, Knight of the Order of Leopold II and UN Food Advocate of the World Food Programme. 

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