We're Smart® Talks 24th of May 2021

Are you Smart already? We are! 

Speaker : Frank Fol - Chairman We’re Smart® World
Starttime :  4 AM (20’ presentation and 20’ Q&A)
For who? :  Everyone who wants to be be part of THE Fruits & Vegetables revolution! 

Frank Fol guides you through the wonderFOL World of We’re Smart®

Frank Fol

We're Smart® World wants to bring together people and companies (We're) who are working in a healthy, ecological and sustainable way, both in the food sector and beyond. The aim is to learn from and strengthen each other with the sole purpose of making our society evolve towards smarter (Smart) solutions for our bodies, nature and the world (World). 

Everything starts with the "Think Vegetables! Think Fruit" philosophy of inspirator Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef®. In this first webinar, Frank will guide you through the wonderFOL world of We’re Smart®. A tasteful appetizer and open invitation to join our community!

  • A deep dive in the Think Vegetable! Think Fruit!® philosophy, our compass
  • We’re Smart® World strives for a better and smarter future. What guidance and solutions do we offer? Get familiar with We’re Smart® What is What, get engaged and inspired! 
  • Share your ambition and ask that ONE smart 😊 question! 
  • What’s in it for me? How to join, how to contribute and how to get in the front row? 

Content of the webinar:

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  • The Vegetables Chef® - Culinary Architect
  • Inspirator and ambassador of the Think Vegetables! Think Fruits!® Philisophy
  • Chairman and driving force behind We’re Smart® World
  • Pioneer in plantbased food creations
  • Mastermind behind the more than 50 culinary technics to prepare vegetables and fruits and author of more than 20 cookbooks  

Biography: Frank Fol in a nutshell

The recorded version of the webinar will be shared on We’re Smart® TV and our social media channels