Impronta d’Acqua

Chef Ivan Maniago of the Michelin-starred restaurant Impronta d'Acqua is obsessive in his choice of top-quality products. The cuisine is mainly oriented towards the use of fish products, but great importance is also given to inland products, especially those of vegetable origin. In addition to the PENSIERI menu, you can also choose Tutto CRUDO, the menu that knows no flame, or the VEGE "TABLE" that can be declined in a vegan version, the VEGAN TABLE, where we find the Navone Cabbage Lard, its honey, rice crispy or the Artichoke in double cooking, spicy mayonnaise. The dishes have a very strong personality, and the experience is truly enjoyable. Situated in front of the beautiful Ligurian sea of Lavagna, the restaurant is furnished with minimalism and elegance and the service is excellent.
Impronta d’Acqua
Via Aurelia 2121
Cavi di Lavagna