Casa Efigenia Natural

Casa Efigenia is a journey back in time, back to basics with fruit and vegetables in the leading role. The last is also unique because the lady of the house Efigenia started this 60 years ago. The dishes are therefore simple, focusing on what the home garden serves that day, but always brought with great flavour. As such, the island of La Gomera is the nature island within the Canary Islands, where hikers are in for a treat. This also left a high impression on the We're Smart team as everything here starts from nature, which is music to our ears. The story of the juice of the special palm tree that is boiled down to a syrup is also the basic ingredient here for everything that may have a sweet touch. Definitely a must do if you visit the island, and a value for money discovery. And yes, Sergio the son oozes passion!

Casa Efigenia Natural
Valle Gran Rey
Las Hayas, La Gomera

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