Open pumpkin ravioli with Achelse blue crumble, parsley sauce and Yka leaves


Preparation method:

Take a piece of pumpkin and peel it. Using a mandolin, make fine long strips of about 14 cm by 4 cm, 3 per person. Finely chop the less beautiful pumpkin pieces into a tartare. Also peel and finely chop the shallot. Simmer shallot and pumpkin tartare now gently with a dash of olive oil without coloring. Season well with black pepper, sea salt and some mace powder. Now chop a branch of curly parsley and mix into the tartare.

Briefly cook the 12 slices of pumpkin in boiling water with sea salt (about 30 seconds) and transfer to a towel or kitchen paper.

Wash a handful of curly parsley and drop briefly into the warm cooking water from the pumpkin. Let it boil for a while and scoop out with the help of a slotted spoon.

Mix the parsley with a good splash of cooking water and olive oil. Good seasoning with sea salt and black pepper. You now get a spicy smooth green sauce.

Preheat plates. Put together 3 raviolis on each plate by filling each pumpkin belt with a spoonful of warm tartare. Now spread some green sauce over the plates, crumble some blue cheese, drizzle some olive oil and finish with the Yka leafs.

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