We're Smart Best Vegetable Restaurant Award Show heads to Valencia, the European Green Capital of 2024

We're Smart Award show in Valencia, Green Capital of 2024

Which vegetable restaurant is the best in the world? Which Chef’s approach to cooking vegetable and fruit dishes is unrivaled? Which new restaurants are awarded a coveted place in this year’s We’re Smart Green Guide?

On November 12, 2024, Valencia, the European Green Capital of 2024 will host the international event that answers all of these questions: the yearly Awards ceremony by We’re Smart - the undisputed reference in the culinary world of fruits and vegetables.

Valencia, a city committed to sustainability

This distinction, awarded by the European Commission, recognises the city's efforts to improve the environment and the quality of life of its residents and visitors alike. And this commitment attaches Valencia to the philosophy also found in the We’re Smart Green Guide, and their annual We’re Smart Award Show.  

The world's breadbasket: The natural supply from Valencia is waiting for you

One of the city's hallmarks is its great food source. Valencia is surrounded by thousands of square kilometres of orchards. Here, local products such as the Perelló tomato, the garrofón or the loquat, among others, are grown. Also in the L'Albufera Natural Park, the habitat and cradle of the local rice, which has its own designation of origin. Moreover, its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea means that the restaurants, markets and bars are full of fresh produce 365 days a year. In Valencia, you eat local, zero-kilometre produce. This is why Valencian gastronomy is internationally renowned, and not only for its star dish, paella.

Valencia is home to another green space of transcendental importance.: the Huerta. 120 km2 of fertile vegetable and fruit farms surround the city. Their produce is supplied to local markets and restaurants but is also exported. One could say the Huerta is not only of importance to Valencia but to the whole world.

We’re Smart Awards

During a prestigious live show in November, attended by the world’s most prominent vegetable chefs, the Awards for the Best Vegetable Restaurants of the World will be announced. We’ll highlight an outstanding Lady Vegetable Chef as well, thus inspiring and encouraging other female vegetable chefs. With the Discovery Awards, the focus will be on newcomers whose restaurants distinguish themselves with delicious culinary dishes that perfectly promote We’re Smart’s “Think Vegetables! Think Fruits!” creed.

Green Guide 2024 and Top 100

During the Awards show, the restaurants that gain a coveted spot in this year's We're Smart Green Guide will be announced as well. The online gourmet guide reviews about 1,500 restaurants in more than 50 countries worldwide and awards them one to five radishes, based on the culinary use of fruits and vegetables.

In this year’s Top 100, you’ll discover who rises or falls in the rankings and newcomers. We’re Smart also compiles Top 10’s for 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.


Frank Fol: “For our movement, this is a match made in heaven. As Valencia is this year’s European Green Capital, we’re aligned in what we aim to do: promote a healthier, more plant-based lifestyle. So I am thrilled to organise our yearly We’re Smart Award show in this beautiful town.”