We're Smart® Green Guide visits Japan

Chairman of We're Smart® Green Guide, Frank Fol, personally travelled to Japan to visit the We're Smart® restaurants and to meet with chefs alongside the local team, but also to make new discoveries that deserve their place in the Green Guide 2022.

In total, they visited 11 restaurants. The We're Smart team met a lot of chefs, influencers, Japanese media, vegetable growers, the Belgian Embassy and plans were made for a national event in Tokyo, among other places.

It was a very instructive, fascinating and a busy week, which will be extended in 2023. More on this topic later. Check out the first article that appeared in Japan & some images of the experiences and encounters.

We're Smart at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo
Vegetable growers in Japan
A Vegetable walk with chef Keiko Kuwakino at Satoyama Jujo
Lionel Beccat and Frank Fol
Super experience at marufuku! Chef Yutaka Isayama is a master!
Seiji Tsushimi and Frank Fol
Recipe by Mutsukari
Really unique vegetables experience at Florilege
Recipe by Narisawa
Mutsukari a radishes chef
Mutsukari in action
A kitchen product used by Satoyama
Recipe by Kiki Harajuku
Kanji Kobayashi, Frank Fol and Zaiyu Hasegawa
High level french cuisine at Esquisse Tokyo. great job by Lionel Beccat
Henk de Bruin, chef Yoshihiro Narisawa and Frank Fol
H. de Bruin, Frank Fol with Kyoko Nakayama
Happy moment at Sezanne Tokyo together with chef Daniel Calvert, Kyoko Nakayama, Sakiko Yamada and Henk de Bruin
Frank Fol with chef Kiki Harjuku of restaurant Kiki
Frank Fol wit chef Hiroyasu Kawate

For your information:
On Frank Fol's instagram you can also follow the discoveries live.