Author Albert Kooy

'Strange times' you hear all day long, strange situations, empty streets and empty restaurants. Everyone works at home behind their laptop in video calls with Microsoft Teams, Zoom or the renewed Skype... We are confronted with surpluses from agriculture. Cucumbers, french fries and other products that can no longer be sold to the catering industry. But also the export/import of our food is at a standstill...So time for the RESET button.

These days we are home a lot, some with children asking for attention. But maybe you also have more time to cook with the children with delicious fresh spring vegetables and other ingredients from the region. Just traditional (real), seasonal, honest, organic cooking ... of course with modern techniques to extend the seasons when it doesn't cost fossil fuel and some tools in the kitchen. 
And that's 'The Dutch kitchen' of this moment! The first sign of spring in the Netherlands is broccoli rabe after all! Many farmers can't get rid of their products nowadays. Try to find this vegetable and buy it from the farmer, greengrocer, butcher, baker or supermarket with local products. This immediately is a nice outing in this beautiful spring weather.

This year my new book is from 'De Nederlandse Keuken' (The Dutch Kitchen), a basic cookbook that offers you the basis of the 'Dutch kitchen anno 2020'. (For more information :