The Pure Plant Peru Tour from April 22th – 27st  2024.

Dear Chef and foodlover,

We're Smart gives you the opportunity to join a unique and once in a lifetime Pure Plant Peru tour in the fabulous cosmopolitan culinary city; Lima!

During these wonderful 'working days' full of amazing discoveries, you will become acquainted with the delicious cuisine of Lima's top restaurants such as Central, Kjolle, Limaná, Merito, Isolina...  . You will visit 11 (yes, eleven! ) of the very best restaurants in the world.

Every concept that you will see, smell, feel, taste, and hear on this tour is an ode to our Pure Plant philosophy in a unique way. More than 50 colleagues came already in 2023. You join them too? Don´t hesitate to have a look at this great program! 

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Pure Plant Tour 2024
Pure Plant Tour 2024

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"Peru has always been a country where fruits and vegetables were a staple, but what's in Lima together from exceptional We're Smart restaurants is fantastic! With our trip, we will visit all the toppers and go for 100% Pure Plant. You really shouldn't pass up this unique opportunity!” 

Frank Fol, Founder & Chairman of We’re Smart® World.

Chef Virgilio Martinez makes magic with the cacao / The Kitchen at the Los Angeles Times