Murviedro Pasión, organic wines

The Passion

Passion for work well done. Passion for our land and for the landscape whose result is Murviedro Pasión, an assemblage of different grapes from organic agriculture, which expresses the purest aromas of the territory from which its springs. A trip to Spain with every sip, feeling the Spanish passion, the ...


Murviedro grapes
Murviedro wines
Murviedro wines

The Vineyard

The main added  value  of  Murviedro Pasión are the vineyards from which it comes; vineyards located in the Valencia area near the Mediterranean coast in the east of the  country. The climate is warm and the influence  of  the  Mediterranean Sea is very dominant. Grapevines have been cultivated for centuries on the limy­ clay soils, which, combined with  the constant presence of the intense sun, give rise to fruity wines with a very good structure.

Murviedro vineyard


Murviedro Pasión Red wine is ideal to accompany red meats, roasts, game and strong cheeses.
Serve between 16 and 18QC.

Murviedro Pasión Rosé wine is perfect for accompanying pasta, rice dishes,  fowl and Asian food. lt is also an excellent aperitif.
Perfect served at: 6 - 8QC.

Murviedro Pasión White Is a  very aromatic wine perfect to  accompany grilled fish, seafood and all kind of nee dishes. lt is also an excellent aperitif.
ldeal service temperature: 6 - 8QC.

Murviedro wines