The Green Spoon Series I From Forest to Table: A New Era of Botanical Gastronomy

About Emile van der Staak:

Emile van der Staak is the passionate chef and owner of De Nieuwe Winkel in Nijmegen. Emile cooks botanically and he gets his products from the food forest in Groesbeek where he prefers to sit on a log and think about new dishes. Not because he necessarily wants to do something different from other chefs. Emile believes that today's choices determine what tomorrow's world will look like. And many choices simply have to do with our food. That's why he turns ordinary plants into finger-licking dishes.

In this new enlightening episode, we delve into the captivating world of Chef Emile Van Der Staak and his award-winning restaurant, Die Nieuwe Winkel, a name synonymous with innovation in the culinary landscape. Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, Die Nieuwe Winkel stands as a beacon of sustainability and an advocate for a unique culinary philosophy—botanical gastronomy.

Chef Emile, a visionary in his field, has pioneered a movement that transcends traditional cooking methods, focusing on perennials and the untapped potential of plants. His ethos revolves around a deep respect for nature, sustainability, and the exploration of the botanical world. By harnessing the power of perennials, he not only champions biodiversity but also introduces a new dimension of flavors and textures to the gastronomic experience.

At Die Nieuwe Winkel, every dish tells a story of sustainability and innovation. Chef Emile's approach is not just about creating exquisite meals; it's a call to action, a way to inspire change in how we view our relationship with food. From the roots of a food forest to the final garnish on the plate, his culinary creations are a testament to the harmony that can exist between gastronomy and the natural world.

Join us as we explore Chef Emile's journey, his philosophy of botanical gastronomy, and how he's shaping the future of food with his commitment to sustainability and the environment. This episode is more than just a conversation; it's an invitation to reimagine our culinary boundaries and acknowledge the profound impact our food choices have on the world around us.