From Field to Fork: Research on Five Legume and Protein Crops Yields Promising Results!

On February 7th, We're Smart was hosted at #EasyPeasy by the Business and Management Artevelde University College, where the results of two years of research into protein crops in Flanders were shared.

Five projects, #KIKET, #PeaPact, #KIPEi, #LoCoSoy, and #OesterzwamburgerVolEiwitten, joined forces. Together, they represent a total of 43 partners: knowledge institutions, farmers, and companies!

Throughout the program, the entire legume chain was addressed: from cultivation techniques to processing, consumers, and policy. Soybeans, yellow peas, and chickpeas emerge as the most feasible protein-rich crops in Flanders.

Flemish Minister of Agriculture Jo Brouns and vegetable chef Frank Fol - The Vegetables Chef® are also convinced of locally grown crops, which can help us consume even more vegetables. They stood together behind the cooking pots and concluded the day with delicious homemade hummus.

You could also see the minister and some speakers in action on the VRT news at 7 p.m.: see here

Completely captivated by legumes? Then be sure to mark next week in your agenda, as the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living is organizing the second edition of the Legume Week: more 

Congratulations to all the involved organizations and organizers!