Special Future Award of the year 2022

Komi.green – More sustainable Farm-to-House experience (Spain)

The 2022 Special Future Award goes to Komi.green. Thanks to a smart, user-friendly mobile app, farmers and growers in the Barcelona region can connect with consumers and professional chefs to directly sell their wares.

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Special Future Award of the year 2022

We're Smart® Jury

We are very pleased with the EU initiative "The Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F)". It is the European Union's ambitious policy framework to promote a more sustainable and resilient European food system and support a global transition to sustainable food systems. Komi.green makes this concrete through the simple use of apps, actively making the link between growers and consumers, to the general public and to professional chefs. Today it is still focused on the greater Barcelona area, but We're Smart® would like to see this grow to include all of Spain and why not the whole world! Go, go, go team KOMI!