SPECIAL FUTURE AWARD of the year 2021

MICHELIN - Green Star (France)

The MICHELIN Guide, the benchmark in gastronomy, has remained an unchanged constant for years, but recently added a new distinction dedicated to sustainable gastronomy to its rating system. We're Smart® World wants to recognize Michelin’s unique ability to lead the way with its new MICHELIN Green Star. Michelin’s future-forward decision will allow guests to choose differentiating and impacting gastronomic experiences and to get inspired by role-model restaurants that combine both culinary excellence and sustainable commitments.

More about the Michelin Green Star

We're Smart® Jury

Michelin has remained a closed book for years. A fresh breeze is now changing that. The sustainability symbol is a great example of this. We're Smart® World wants to recognize its value of "the green star" with this Special Future Award and looks forward to working with Michelin to change the world and the way guests choose restaurants in the future.