PROJECT of the year 2021


Both projects received an award because they share a similar approach that allows anyone to harvest pesticide-free without a garden plot:  HomeForest allows individuals to grow their own greens with specialized micro and hydropods. Consumers can watch seeds sprout into full-blown salads and cresses before their eyes. Similarly, Plant-T manufactures vertical farming towers that can be used by individuals, schools or organizations to grow flowers and vegetables. Both products require little water. 

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We're Smart® Jury

The world is changing, slowly but surely! Thankfully. Many new initiatives are finding their way into the light of day. We also find these 2 projects creative and with an added value for a more plant-based world. The We're Smart Team wants to support both projects in an equal way because they have proven their strengths and success: self-harvesting without a garden, successful for everyone, 100% natural, pesticide free, little water needed and 100% environmentally friendly. Well done to both of them!


Project of the year 2021