PERSON of the year 2021

ROB BAAN – KOPPERT CRESS  (The Netherlands)

Selected for the development of over 62 edible plant products for the professional chef, Rob Baan’s Koppert Cress product line originates from freshly-sprouted seedlings (cresses) and other edible leaves and flowers from 100% natural aromatic plants, which Baan sees as instrumental to good health, too.  

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We're Smart® Jury

You don't just become Person of the Year, you have to earn it! Rob Baan is such a person. In the Netherlands he is an advocate for more plant-based foods to preventively strengthen people's health. In times of corona, we need immune-boosting food more than ever. But we especially admire Rob's perseverance in his fight to change our view of nutrition in general: horticulture as the purveyor of health. Let's start from what is good for our bodies and from there also promote and fiscally support proper nutrition with governments across borders. We're Smart® World would like to propagate this together with Rob Baan!

Person of the year 2021