MEDIA of the year 2021


Gambero Rosso is an institution in Italy and the leading platform for content, training, promotion and consulting in the Italian Wine, Travel, & Food industries. Much of the  Italian kitchen is already vegetable-oriented, but for Gambero Rosso to adopt a 100% plant-based focus adds an extra dimension of authority, respect and creativity.

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We're Smart® Jury

Gambero Rosso is an institution in Italy. If such an organization has a positive attitude towards supporting the We're Smart community, we are very grateful. Some of the Italian cuisine is already very vegetable-oriented but 100% plant-based is still an extra dimension! Italian chefs are now clearly learning at a rapid pace and discovering more and more the Think Vegetable! Think Fruit!® cuisine. We hope that we can boost the vegetable revolution together with Gambero Rosso. Thank you very much.

MEDIA of the YEAR 2021