We're Smart Future Awards

We're Smart® World will also be looking for fruit & vegetable companies that will make the difference in the future!How can we help people to eat more vegetables and fruit?

How can we grow healthier and still achieve an exceptional result? How can we deal with packaging more sustainably? How can we bring "out of the box" G & F innovation that is even better?

How can we put children / young people on the right track early on? How can we live smarter?

If your company has launched exceptional projects in these categories or has launched or wants to launch future-oriented innovations, you can apply for 1 of these categories here:

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We’re Smart® Future Awards

The Future Awards are awards for people and companies that are committed in a special way with activities, products and promotions, to spreading the vegetable ideas, and to evolve with us towards a healthier world in which we make more ecological and sustainable choices.

Winners Future Awards 2020 

  • Product of the year: gourmet tomato juice Mary V from chef Nick Bril (The Jane)
  • Project of the year: airline Luxair joins forces with chef René Mathieu for plant-based meals 
  • Media of the yearKachen Magazine, a unique, trilingual, international culinary magazine from Luxembourg with a special focus on vegetable dishes and chefs
  • Innovation of the yearPretexte, 100% vegetable, lactose and gluten-free products
  • Communication of the yearFrom Waste to Taste with their projects for less food waste
  • Special Future AwardSang Hoon Degeimbre - Pioneer Plant-Based Fermentation for his pioneering work on fermentation

Winners 2019  :

  • Communication of the year: Act for Food – Carrefour
  • Innovation of the year: Pépites – Bonduelle
  • Online shop/Project of the year: Too Good To Go – toogoodtogo.nl
  • Person of the year: Tobias Lenaerts – The Vegan Strategist
  • Product of the year: Kalettes – Tozer Seeds / Van Putten Agro
  • Project of the year: Food Made Good – SRA
  • Media of the year: Cook Magazine 

Winners 2018:

  • Personality of the Year : Pietro Leeman – Restaurant Joia (Italië) 
  • Project of the Year : Feed The Planet - Christopher Koetke 
  • Fruits & Vegetables Village of the Year : Kruibeke-Bazel-Rupelmonde 
  • E-shop of the Year : Hungry Harvest 
  • Product of the Year : Friseline – Hazera Seeds 
  • Publication of the Year : « V’gan » – Lifestyle Magazine 
  • Innovatie Project of the Year : Sun&Vegs – Fermented Oat 
  • Communication of the Year : Een uitgekookte zaak 

Winners 2017:


  • BENELUX - Hoogste % Groenten&Fruit  DG! DF! Award - Restaurant L'Air des Sens - Zoutleeuw (BE)
  • BENELUX - Beste Smaak&Gezondheid Award - Restaurant Bolenius - Amsterdam (NL)
  • BENELUX - Beste Groenten&Fruit communicatie Award - Restaurant  Vork&Mes (NL)
  • BENELUX - Beste Veggie Award - Restaurant Vrijmoed - Gent (BE)
  • BENELUX - Meest kindvriendelijke Groenteconcept Award - Petit Chef en Herbes  (BE)
  • BENELUX - Beste Culinaire Bloemen Award - Restaurant Arabelle Meirlan - Marchin (BE)
  • BENELUX - Meest creatieve groenten & fruit concept online - Kromkommer.com - Rotterdam (NL)
  • BENELUX - Meest creatieve groenten & fruit shop - Lizzy's Nieuwe Oogst - Westerlo (BE)
  • BENELUX - Mooiste culinaire bloemen shop online - Cuisine Eetbare Bloemen - Beesel (NL)
  • WORLD - We're Smart World Award - Favela Orgânica Regina Tchelly - Rio de Janeiro (BRAZIL)
  • WORLD - Beste Groenten&Fruit Fast Service project - exki.com


  • BENELUX - Hoogste % Groenten&Fruit  DG! DF! Award - Restaurant Vous lé Vous - Wimmertingen (BE)
  • BENELUX - Beste Smaak&Gezondheid Award - Restaurant Lemonnier - Lavaux-Sainte-Anne (BE)
  • BENELUX - Beste Groenten&Fruit communicatie Award - Restaurant Taste and Colours - Kortrijk (BE)
  • BENELUX - Beste Veggie Award - Restaurant De Eetstee - Amersfoort (NL)  


  •  BENELUX - Meest kindvriendelijke Groenterestaurant Award - Restaurant Groenland - Driebergen (NL) 


  • BENELUX - Meest kindvriendelijke Groenterestaurant Award - Restaurant - Kasterlee (BE)