Cooking techniques with Rational equipement

With the Rational iCombi Pro® Oven, you can efficiently replicate at least 17 culinary techniques. This oven replaces no less than 30% of all traditional appliances: you can use it to grill, bake, roast, braise, steam, stew, poach and so much more.

ClimaPlus® regulates the conditions required by each item placed in the oven to ensure crispy crusts, crunchy breading and tender roasts. The control knob that selects the functions is simple and completely straightforward, its efficiency proven day in and day out under the most demanding working conditions, in the busiest kitchens.

Culinary techniques covered by the RATIONAL iCOMBI PRO

Breading , Torch , Drying , Grilling , 
Pies and Cakes , Powders , Puree , Risotto , 
Roasting , Slow-cooking , Smoking , 
Steaming , Stewing , Vacuum cooking , 
Warm Salads , Confit , Stir-Frying


iVario Pro looks like a tilting pan, but it can do so much more: Boiling, frying, deep-frying and pressure cooking. You can efficiently replicate at least 18 culinary techniques. - the iVario Pro replaces virtually all conventional cooking appliances, because it has the power: Its unique heating technology combines power with precision. Because it has intelligent cooking assistants, which think, learn and support. 

Because it is up to 4 times as fast, requires up to 40 % less energy with a huge space gain compared to conventional cooking appliances. Or in other words, because it can. For outstanding food quality without checking or supervision.

Culinary techniques covered by the RATIONAL iVARIO PRO

Blinis , Bouillon , Breading , Cooking , Emulsions , 
Foam , Marmalades & co , Puree , Risotto , 
Sabayon , Sauces , Smoking , Soup , Stewing , 
Stoemp , Teppanyaki , Confit , Pan Frying


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