COMMUNICATION of the year 2022

Ekomenu - Discover your foodprint (Benelux)

Ekomenu is a Dutch-Belgian organic meal box in which vegetables are front and center. Ekomenu was named the most sustainable meal box of the Benelux by B-Corp, the international non-profit organization for a sustainable economy. In addition to the highest percentage of plant-based ingredients per meal available, the benefit is felt not only thanks to the price, but also in terms of health and environment by using a digital-only receipt.

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Communication of the year 2022
Ekomenu foodprint

We're Smart® Jury

We know Ekomenu as the organic meal box where vegetables always get the leading role. Not only were they chosen in a European study as the box with the highest percentage of vegetable ingredients per meal, they also distribute more than 50% vegetarian and vegan boxes in the Benelux. This alone is an exceptional achievement. Ekomenu now goes one step further with your personal foodprint! With this you can measure yourself and determine your goals to eat more future-proofed. It calculates and measures the % of vegetables, the vitality level, your CO2 emissions and water foodprint. Not only is this super easy, but it also contributes to raising awareness of the human impact on our climate and motivates you to do something about it yourself, all while enjoying great flavour and seasonality. For We're Smart®, this was the communication of the year, and we would like to share it with the whole world!