COMMUNICATION of the year 2021


For plant-based fans, this was one of the media moments of 2021. Legendary chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park changed to a100% plant-based menu. By making this pioneering decision, combined with the media attention that followed, pivoting towards vegan cuisine helped many chefs realize a plant-based revolution is coming. They are lauded for their exemplary decision.

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We're Smart® Jury

Without discussion the communication moment of 2021 for plant-based fans! All the world will have known that Eleven Madison Park with chef Daniel Humm is going for 100% plant-based, even vegan. 
Through this decision and the media attention that followed, many chefs have taken the step to wake up to a plant-based revolution that is coming: "if even such a famous restaurant makes such a decision, it must be important to also take steps into a plant-based offering" you hear everywhere! Our gratitude and respect is great!

Communication of the year 2021