Week without meat

Week Without Meat, like We're Smart, aims to make a substantial contribution, together with a collective of companies in the food industry, to the challenging climate goals. After all, current meat consumption is directly related to the excessive CO2 emissions our world suffers from, and - unlike sustainable solutions such as solar panels and electric cars - can be tackled without major investments and without concessions today. 

We're smart and the National Week Without Meat foundation operates from the conviction that eating meat every day is out of date. Therefore, we want to promote a flexitarian diet in which meat, fish and dairy are alternated with plant-based ingredients.

As experts by experience, we know that vegetarian and plant-based food is not boring, tasteless or complicated. By taking on the challenge for one week and being introduced to new products, recipes and dishes, people discover the many possibilities and flavours of vegetarian and plant-based cuisine. With these positive insights and tools, they can then apply these dishes step-by-step structurally in their diet.  

Based on the conviction "tasting and trying is believing", we inspire all people who participate in Meatless Week and give them practical tools to eat less meat in an easy and tasty way, not only during the Week, but also afterwards.

This year the week without meat from 14-20 October

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Week without meat