Need a balanced vegetarian meal? Then our veggie burgers are ideal! They make for a delicious burger recipe, of course, but can just as easily be used insalads, bowls, sandwiches, wraps, etc.

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SUD’N’SOL: Slow Food...… Mediterranean style!

People in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea are passionate about cooking. Mealtimes are the most important moments of the day. 

Mediterranean cuisine is highly diverse and is one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world, which is largely due to an abundance of pure, sun-drenched vegetable specialities. 

More than twenty years ago, Sud'n'Sol embarked on a journey into the inspiring and wonderful world of Mediterranean vegetables with its first Mediterranean vegetable speciality: semi-dried tomatoes.

Sud'n'Sol specialities are prepared exclusively from fresh premium vegetables. They are sliced, preserved and grilled (or a combination of these techniques) with the greatest possible care, after which they are blended with quality vegetable oils and fresh aromatic herbs with Mediterranean flavours.

Since Sud'n'Sol is an expert in preserving and enhancing flavours when processing vegetables, it is your ideal partner in the development of natural Mediterranean vegetable specialities that are bursting with flavour and respond to current trends in pure, healthy and plant-based nutrition.

SNS - pladijs met tomatenschijfjes from Sud'n'Sol / Delisol BV on Vimeo.