Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes

"Vegetables and herbs are an indispensable element in my kitchen. They improve dishes and salads and ensure a good balance. Because of their freshness, subtlety or their taste explosion "That is the kitchen philosophy of Jannis Brevet. In his restaurant in the middle of the Kruiningse polder in Zeeland, he serves fish and shellfish from the Zeeland waters, such as Oosterschelde lobster, supplemented with other typical Zeeland products such as grasswort and sea lavender and vegetables and fruit from the Beveland polder. This creates striking dishes such as scallops with piment d'Espelette, kombu, anise and cucumber, red mullet with turnip, thyme, apricot and verjus and lamb fillet with fennel, sea lavender, thyme and piquillo pepper.

Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes
Zandweg 2
4416 NA
The Netherlands
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