L’Etoile du Nord

L'Etoile du Nord, a restaurant created by Thierry Marx, in the Gare du Nord, gives the classic station buffet a contemporary twist. Where we usually stop for a quick bite, we now take the time to sit down. The restaurant has a very accessible seasonal menu with attention to the health trends of the moment. You can go here from dawn to dusk, from breakfast to supper, for a shortstop between two trains, for a more extended break or for a tête à tête supper. The vegetable side of the menu offers dishes such as "velouté glacé" of peas and fresh cheese, baked salmon with a vegetable wok, tagliatelle with vegetables or a salad with seasonal vegetables, as it should be. Gare du Nord, Hall Grandes Lignes, Proche voie n°19
L’Etoile du Nord
Rue de Dunkerque 18