HFSLG (de Hoefslag)

De Hoefslag has been a household name for 111 years. In the spring of 2018 the name of Hoefslag changed to HFSLG. Vegetables delivered fresh daily, play a prominent role in the kitchen of chef cook and owner Karl Van Baggem. They bring the creative and the playful into a dish, he thinks. He makes surprising and original dishes such as a preparation of scallop with cauliflower, macadamia and butter, or a combination of halibut with oyster, grapefruit, fennel and turnip and also lobster with sweetbread, parsley root and spinach. The restaurant also has a bistro and a bar.
HFSLG (de Hoefslag)
Vossenlaan 28
3735 KN
Bosch en Duin
The Netherlands