We’re Smart® Best Vegetarian Restaurant World 2020

Culina Hortus in Lyon, France has been named as the We’re Smart® Best Vegetarian Restaurant 2020. The brainchild of the French culinary duo, Thomas Bouanich and Maxime Rémond and with the young and talented Adrien Zedda (26) as Chef de Cuisine, Culina Hortus is the new gastronomic address for haute - and 100% vegetarian - cuisine.

Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef® and founder of We’re Smart®: “Adrien Zedda may only be in his twenties but he can still consider himself one of the finest vegetable chefs in the world. At Culina Hortus, he transforms vegetables into a veritable feast with exceptional creativity, resulting in refined, well balanced, healthy and above all delicious dishes. Well-deserved We’re Smart® Best Veggie in the World 2020 and a well-deserved 5 radishes!

Adrien Zedda, Head Chef at Culina Hortus:

When I heard that we won the We’re Smart® Best Vegetarian Restaurant World 2020, I was very moved and proud. This award is a wonderful recognition for the whole team and myself. For the work we do throughout the year with a lot of commitment and love of our profession and customers. Like all chefs, I am passionate about the product I work with. In my case these are vegetables, in all their diversity, in terms of taste, color and texture.

It is with great emotion that we learned that we won the We’re Smart Best Vegetarian Restaurant World 2020.

For the whole team and myself, this award represents a recognition of the work accomplished throughout the year. This award rewards our regularity, our involvement and our love of a job well done for our customers. It’s a great pride. We are honored to receive such an award.

Today, vegetables have a primordial place in our kitchens. It is an integral part of our lives. People eat less and less meat and fish, for several purposes: ecological, animal welfare or just for health or pleasure. Us, chefs, must be aware of this new offer and we must take responsibility.

Like all chefs, I am passionate about the product: it is the greatest source of inspiration. Plants inspire me with their diversity of variety, tastes, colors and textures. In the world of plants, there are not 4 seasons but rather 51. Over the weeks certain plants arrive and others start again, some get better and this course is really interesting and exciting.

Our ambitions are to make sure our customers are satisfied and to continue improving and creating dishes, emotions and memories, and of course the recognition by guides and, why not, a star.

I would like to thank Frank Fol for the confidence he has placed in me and for this magnificent prize. I would like to thank Thomas Bouanich, the manager and owner of the restaurant, who has trusted me from the start, and without whom I would not be here today, he is a real pillar for me.

Adrien Zedda, chef-kok at Culina Hortus Thanks to Maxime, the restaurant manager and Thomas' partner, who does a superb job with Damien and Anastasia. No good food without good service, it's teamwork.

And to finish: my kitchen team, it's a second family: Joffrey my pastry chef, William my chef de partie and Miguel my second who joined us a short time ago. This award is a team effort, a chef without his team does not exist. Today I really want to thank them for their dedication, thank you all, this award recognizes the work of everyone." I can't wait to see you in September during the WE'RE SMART WORLD event."


Culina Hortus

  • 5 radishes
  • Opened in 2018
  • First 100% vegetarian gourmet restaurant in France
  • Created by culinary duo Thomas Bouanich and Maxime Rémond
  • Chef: Adrien Zedda
  • High-end, 100% vegetarian cuisine in a cosy and contemporary interior

Culina Hortus