Programme We're Smart Taste Summit 2019


Arrival of guests at the QO Amsterdam on the 21st floor @ “Juniper & Kin - Kitchen Garden & Bar”

Welcome Ilse Devis, by host of the day, presenting: QO Amsterdam, Dutch Cuisine & We’re Smart® World


  1. The role of the modern chef in changing the present food system by Peter Klosse.
  2. Special guests Xavier Pellicer (Nr.1 Top100 2018), Joris Lohman (Slowfood & Low Food) &
  3. Eric Meursing (First Award winner Best vegetables Restaurant - The Netherlands in 2011)

Live shows:

  • Albert Kooy & Luc Kusters: Dutch Cuisine, the future of cooking?
  • René Mathieu: How to combine Fruits & Vegetables in a perfect way?
  • Geert Van Vaerenbergh CEO Amista - Launch E-learning “We’re Smart Academy”: How to become a We’re Smart Inspector?

We’re Smart Future Awards by Frank Fol

We’re Smart Best Vegetables Awards by Frank Fol

New Top100 Best Vegetables Restaurants in the World by Frank Fol

Drinks & photoshoots

End of We’re Smart Taste Summit 2019

Welcome @ dinner (only if you have made a reservation) (see menu right, pictures of menu see below)
Start dinner “Juniper & Kin - Kitchen Garden & Bar”


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We’re Smart® Green Guide

Seasonal Taste Pallet
Restaurant Joia – Milan, Italy


Happy Radishes
Restaurant Le Prieuré – Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, France


Brussels Sprouts Salad
Restaurant Arnolfo – Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy


Rhubarb – Scallops
Restaurant Portland – London, UK


Peas – Cod – Olive oil – Truffle
Restaurant Xavier Pellicer – Barcelona, Spain


3 x Shallots
Restaurant Vrijmoed – Ghent, Belgium


Taste of the South
Restaurant La Chêvre d’Or – Eze, France


Red beetroot – Sorrel – Yoghurt – Vene cress
Restaurant Centpourcent – St-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium

Live experience by Frank Fol – The Vegetables Chef®