Why "The week of Vegetables en Fruits?"

The Week of Vegetables & Fruit 2018 - BENELUX - 7 to May 13: Quotes to convince you to choose more vegetables and fruit!

Vegetable of the year 2018 = Radish
Fruit of the year 2018 = Cherry


From 7 to 13 May 2018, "The Week of fruit and vegetables ©". Initiator, since 2009, is vegetable chef Frank Fol. The aim of the campaign is to put local growers in the spotlight and to develop a sort of 'car show' for the sector in the future. Many activities are being set up. The activities can be followed daily in "The live fruit and vegetable newspaper". "The Week of fruit and vegetables" is part of the umbrella campaign "Denk Groenten! Denk Fruit".

Like every year, a whole series of activities happen during and around the week.

Simultaneously there is the "Week of the vegetable region" in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, the heart of the Belgian fruit and vegetable growers and auctions, where various companies open their doors to the general public.

The Think Vegetables! Think Fruit! Philosophy:

  • A dish is created from vegetables and / or fruit from the season from here, Denk Groenten! Think Fruit!
  • Second step: Choose from the 45 culinary techniques to prepare fruit and vegetables.
  • Third step: choose meat, fish, meat substitute or nothing. The fruit-vegetable dish must also be able to stand alone.
  • Aim for 2/3 vegetables or / and fruit (average per week).
  • Choose at least 2 days per week with 100% vegetables & fruit.
  • Vegetarian or not.
  • Self healthy !!
  • Fruits and vegetables determine the taste of the dish. We must therefore choose wines differently!
  • Creative and Delicious!

If you want to use De Groentekok® philosophy "Think Vegetables! Think Fruit! ®", and want to use more fruit and vegetables in a creative way, you will quickly find new or less applied culinary techniques.

De Gemeente van Groenten en Fruit 2018