What is We're Smart World ?

The We’re Smart® World mission is to bring together people and companies who have a healthy,ecological and sustainable approach to food.

They have to help and teach one another to evolve our society to more intelligent (Smart) solutions for our body, our nature and tomorrow’s world (World). The Fruit & Vegatables Week©, the «Best Vegetable Restaurants » competition, «The Vegetable Chef®» and the «We’re Smart® Green Guide» are all part of this ambitious plan for our planet . 

Guidance & Solutions for a Healthy & better world.

Next to the annual Awards, by creating the Green Guide, We’re Smart World has given the industry a handy tool with a mine of information that is now accessible to all as the Guide is now online. The guide assembles, in a logical way, dozens of good addresses, many chefs giving a priority to vegetables and a great choice of other addresses that are good references in the vegetable world, an industry very much on the forefront of the culinary and nutritional "healthy" news. 

Media contact:

  • Frank Fol
  • GSM +32 475 973441
  • info@weresmartworld.com
  • Instagram: @weresmartworld
  • Twitter: @VegetablesChef
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/weresmartworld

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