We’re Smart® Best Vegan Restaurant World 2020

Vegetarian “for no major reason”, Vanilla Black breaks down many of the stereotypes that plague vegetarian restaurants.

Created out of boredom with the standard vegetarian fare on offer at the average restaurant, Andrew, Donna and their team apply 1 simple rule: no dish would rely on pasta, meat substitutes or heavy spicing. The result is a forward thinking menu that challenges our conceptions not only of vegetarian cuisine but of food in general.


Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef® and driving force behind We’re Smart World:

“A fantastic demonstration that vegan can also be haut cuisine. The surprising combinations, textures and flavours at Vanilla Black – without a shred of meat to be seen – are enough to convert even the most staunch carnivore. The We’re Smart® Best Vegan Restaurant in the World 2020 and 5 strong radishes for Andrew Dargue and his team.”


Andrew Dargue, Head Chef at Vanilla Black:

“As a team we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of cuisine using vegetables. This award is something which inspires us to push on and take the creativity further.”

Vanilla Black

  • 5 radishes
  • Opened in 2004, relocated to London in 2008
  • Chef: Andrew Dargue was working as a chef-lecturer at Middlesbrough College and running a sideline as a producer of frozen vegetarian meals for restaurants, pubs and bars in the Teesside area when he and his wife Donna decided to open their first restaurant.
  • Team: Andrew Dargue and his wife, Donna Conroy who works front of house
  • Unconventional, gourmet and 100% vegan approach to fine dining

Andrew Dargue